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If you are facing a problem with your Hotmail account, then please call us on 0800 098 8592 or fill out the Technician Help Form so that we can call you & help you out.

Please go to the Home Page, select the problem that you are facing and fill out the Technician Help form.

Please note that currently we provide support in UK, US and Canada only. Once you book the appointment using the technician help form, you will get a call the next day at the time of your appointment. It can take anywhere between 15 minutes to 45 minutes for the technician to fix the problem for you. Please keep you desktop / laptop / mobile phone / tablet ready and connected to the internet.

We will help you out with any kind of problem that you may be facing with your Hotmail account on your desktop computer, laptop, mobile phone and tablet. Most common problems that we can help with are:

  1. Email account has been hacked or blocked and/or spam emails have been sent out from it.
  2. Unable to verify the ownership of the account after filling out the recovery form.
  3. Unable to send or receive emails on iPhone / iPad / laptop / desktop.
  4. Need additional security on the account or you want it to work overseas without any interruption.
  5. An old email account does not exists any more and you need it to reset password for your Facebook or another account.
  6. You are getting a message saying ‘It looks like someone else might be using your account‘ or ‘Call us overprotective‘.
  7. Getting ‘delivery status notification failure‘ for emails that you haven’t sent out from the account.
  8. You are unable to login into the account at all or the home page is not displaying on your computer.
  9. Everything appears in a different language on your email account and no new emails are coming to the inbox.
  10. Lost or Forgotten password for an old or new account.


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Contact Hotmail Support