We provide the following services:


❶        Unblock my Hotmail Account    £49.99

❷        Unhack my Hotmail Account    £59.99

❸        Recover lost/forgotten password for my Hotmail Account    £59.99

❹        Stop someone else from using my Hotmail Account    £49.99

❺        Secure my computer and wireless network (No Antivirus included)    £69.99

❻        Buy Antivirus (1-year validity)    £49.99

❼         Remove Viruses/Malware + Optimize My Web Browser    £69.99

❽        Remove Viruses/Malware + Optimize My Web Browser + Optimize my computer    £99.99

❾        Complete Care    £159.99

Complete Care includes: Hotmail account recovery + Remove Viruses/Malware + Optimize IE + Optimize my computer + Install Antivirus (1 year validity) + Secure my computer and network.

Please note that for carrying out any of the above services on your computer, you should provide us with a suitable time to call you. We will carry out these services by remotely connecting to your computer. Internet access is required to carry out the services. These services generally require anywhere between 1 hour to 1 hour 30 minutes, So please make sure that you are not busy during that time. Once these services have been carried out, the technician will disconnect from your computer and will no longer have any further access to your computer or any accounts associated with it.

If you are from US or Canada, then please consult our technician to find out the prices in USD/CAD.

All of the above prices are for a one-time fix on one computer only and are non-refundable. If you want to avail these services on multiple computers, then please consult, when our technician calls.

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