Unable to Send or Receive Emails

Unable To Send or Receive Emails

If you are unable to send or receive emails from your Hotmail email account then first thing you should check is whether the problem is with just one device or all devices that you use. If the problem does not occur on other devices or computers, then the problem is with the phone/tablet/laptop/desktop that you are using.

If the problem is limited to just one device then the problem is with the email settings with that particular device and that needs to be corrected. If the problem is with all the devices you use then the settings of your email on Hotmail might have been changed or it may have been hacked.

Below is a picture of how it will look if you have this problem with your iPhone.

 Unable to send or receive emails hotmail

Below is a screenshot of the exact error if you are facing this problem on your outlook email client.

Unable to send or receive emails

What’s Next? (Unable to Send or Receive Emails)

Whatever the case be, we will help you get your Hotmail account back.

All you have to do is fill out a simple TECHNICIAN HELP FORM and a technician will call you to help you out the next day. There is a service charge of £39.99 which you will have to pay to the technician only after the issue has been resolved.

Now, because Hotmail has got more than a Billion email account users, Hotmail does not have the money or resources to set-up a contact center or phone line to handle such a large volume of users. That is the reason why normal account users cannot contact Hotmail by phone.

This is why hotmailhelp.co.uk is there to help you out.

How can I get it back? (Unable to Send or Receive Emails)

To recover your account follow these steps:

1.    Fill out the TECHNICIAN HELP FORM by clicking on the link below.

2.    You will get a call from one of our technicians at the time selected by you.

3.    The Technician will help you fix your Hotmail account. There will be a service charge of £39.99 / $49.99 USD / $64.99 CAD for this, which you will have to pay during the call using your debit or credit card on Paypal (Paypal account is not required). This charge is to fix this problem just once, and is non-refundable. We will only charge you when the issue has been resolved.

4.    You have your account back !


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